Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of our most common questions and their answers. For more information, please contact us.
What does R-N class mean?
Minimum age to obtain learner’s permit is 15 years 6 months.

R-N R class with an N restriction.

A moped means any motorcycle that Is designed to not be capable of exceeding 50km/h. Has an engine capacity not exceeding 50cc or is not powered by a piston engine, whether or not it is also capable of being propelled, but not include a power assisted pedal cycle.
What does R-E mean?
R class with an E restriction. A Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) approved motorcycle is an engine capacity not exceeding 660 cc and with a power to weight ratio not exceeding 150 kilowatts per Tonne (kW/t); and a maximum engine capacity up to 660cc or may be powered by an electric powered engine with a power output up to 25kW.
What does R class mean?
Any motorcycle with a power to weight ratio exceeding 150 kW/t or an engine capacity exceeding 660cc (with an automatic or manual transmission).
How do I get a learners permit? (R-E Class)
To start learning to ride a LAMS approved motorcycle, you must apply for a learner's permit and pass the motorcycle theory test.

- You can apply for an R-E class learner's permit at 16 years of age.

- You will have to apply for the theory test and the Learner Log Book (if you choose to log hours in the printed log book).

- You have to sit a motorcycle theory test consisting of 35 multiple-choice questions that relate to general road rules and specific motorcycle relevant questions.

- You will need to get 28 or more answers correct to pass.

*A log book is not applicable if you already hold a license to drive a car.

After 6 months has passed since you were issued with your Learner's permit for the R-E class and you are 16 years and 6 months at a minimum, you can sit your motorcycle Hazard Perception Test (HPT).

If you already have a licence to ride a moped (R-N Class), and you were required to complete the motorcycle HPT, you need to hold your R-E class learner’s permit for 6 months, but you will not be required to complete the motorcycle HPT again.

You must have passed the motorcycle HPT before you can attempt a Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) on a motorcycle.
When can I take a Practical Drivers Assessment (PDA) [R-E Class]
You must be at least 17 years of age to undertake the PDA.

- Have completed a minimum of 50 supervised driving hours, including at least five hours at night (between sunset and sunrise). *

- Present your Log Book - if any supervised driving hours are recorded in the Learner Log Book, ensuring that your declaration of completion has been signed by you and your supervising driver. You must take your entire printed log book with you. **

* Not applicable to those who already hold a licence to drive a car.

** Not applicable if all your hours have been completed in the Learn & Log app and you have signed the declaration in the app.

You must wear appropriate protective clothing that consists of enclosed footwear, approved helmet, long trousers and long-sleeved shirt or fully sleeved jacket. Gloves and eye protection are also highly recommended.

How do I get an R Class license?
Once you have obtained your R-E class licence, you can begin to learn to ride R class motorcycles but Must have held a R-E class for 2 years before you can undertake a PDA.

A learner's permit is not required, however, you must:

- Display L plates.

- Be accompanied by a qualified instructor or approved supervisor.

- Hold an R-E class licence.