Motorcycle Lessons Perth

All Motorcycle Training offers flexible motorcycle lessons for Class R-N, Class R-E and Class R. Our goal is to give our students the skills and confidence they need to ride where ever the road may lead. Our Motorcycle lessons are custom made to suit our students needs.

Lesson Overview

Whether you’re just starting out and need detailed instruction, an intermediate rider or someone who’s been riding for years but just needs a safety refresher All Motorcycle Training is here to help! Join the other riders we’ve helped get licensed who are now riding around all over perth. 

Our lessons cover a range of topics from typical road safety rules, helmet and gear standards and other motorcycle regulations to the typical skills you need for startup and gear changes to advanced riding skills for more experienced riders. Learn how to navigate the roads safely and operate your bike like a pro. 

Our training programs are very flexible. Students can progress at their own pace starting out slow or on the open road. Beginners will usually start in a quiet carpark while they learn the basics and gain some confidence behind the wheel. Then we can move to open roads, or even off road depending on your needs.  

All you need to get started is some gear and your learners permit. We will guide you through the rest of the steps for getting your license. A learners permit allows you to ride on the road whilst under supervision from an instructor. A helmet is required and you should also opt for gloves and wet weather gear so you are fully protected. Long pants and covered shoes or boots are recommended. 

Programs Available

  • Class R-N Motorcycle Lessons
  • Class R-E Motorcycle Lessons
  • Class R Motorcycle Lessons


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